You WANNA call the Help Desk?

This video is delightful so I’m sharing it with you.

You can go searching for a performance in English if you like – or even one with simpler subtitles – but I think that the foreign language and complex subtitles add to the experience rather than detract from it.

How do you feel? Are you a watcher of foreign language films – or do you prefer to watch films and read books?

20 thoughts on “You WANNA call the Help Desk?

  1. S. M. Nonnemacher says:

    This is hilarious!! I can’t stop laughing! πŸ™‚
    I am not a big fan of foreign films. I get sucked into the action, and I end up forgetting to read the subtitles. I tend to stick to those that are in English, and books. Lots and lots of books! πŸ™‚

  2. Mike Schulenberg (@MikeSchulenberg) says:

    That was pretty good, thanks πŸ™‚

    I actually watch a lot of Chinese action films–mainly wuxia and historical epics–much more than I watch American ones these days. Sometimes I have to order a disc from Asia in order to see a movie that hasn’t been released in the States, and sometimes the subtitling is a little off, but that’s part of the charm.

    • MSMillerAU says:

      Thanks Mike – It’s interesting to realise just how much isn’t released in our own countries – that there’s a whole “other” world out there.

  3. Julie Farrar says:

    I’ve watched foreign film for ages so I’ve gotten quite used to going back and forth between the words and the action. I don’t want to miss out on great films just because of that factor. In fact, when I’m visiting France I get frustrated when there are American and British TV shows or movies in the theaters where they have dubbed in French voices instead of using French subtitles. Hearing a voice that in no way fits the character is more distracting than reading subtitles. However, it seems Europeans prefer dubbing to subtitles.

    • MSMillerAU says:

      I can relate to the dubbing – this particular video comes in several versions – dubbing included and they really made me cringe. It’s interesting you note the European preference for it. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Ellen says:

    That’s brilliant. I love it so much.
    I much prefer to see movies with subtitles, rather than having them dubbed. I think after a few minutes one gets the hang of it.

    • MSMillerAU says:

      I once knew a French/Australian who used to do the subtitles for SBS, one of the things she commented on was how difficult it is to capture the essence of a scene in so few words. This was long before Twitter – I wonder if they find it easier now with all the practice in that format?

  5. Catherine Johnson says:

    That is absolutely hilarious! I have watched a few foreign films, and they were wonderful. It is so nice to experience the whole culture through a film and how differently they even film it.

    • MSMillerAU says:

      So true Catherine – there’s a certain “look” to European films vs Hollywood vs even Australian ones I guess. I’m not particularly aware of American films outside of Hollywood – surely there are independent film makers doing a fine job of reflecting the American culture?

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